I didn't know how to call this post, but let it be a "routine" :). This post is about things that help me with my mani. I don't use anything special.

Neutrogena hand & nail cream; Oriflame spicy ginger bread hand cream; Ноготок (Nogotok) cuticle oil; Avon cuticle balm
Of course, I moisturize my hands with hand cream every day (well, I think everyone do that :) ). I use different creams and right now I'm using Neutrogena hand & nail cream and Oriflame spicy ginger bread hand cream. I like this Neutrogena cream. As for Oriflame one, I can't say it's perfect, but it's ok. I like how it smells (actually I like all creams that smells yummy :) ). Also I moisturize cuticles every day with Avon cuticle balm or with Ноготок (Nogotok) cuticle oil (ingredients: water, almond oil, rose oil, vitamin E, panthenol). Both cuticle moisturizers are rather good.
I think now I have to say a few words about Ноготок (Nogotok) brand. Ноготок (Nogotok) (in english "nail") is a Ukrainian brand. Ноготок (Nogotok) produces nail polishes, nail care products and nail polish removers. Their products're rather cheap (for example, nail polishes cost 1,5 - 2 $ each).

Ноготок (Nogotok) whitening agent; Avon adhesive base coat; Ноготок (Nogotok) top coat
As for base coats, now I'm using whitening agent by Ноготок (Nogotok) and Avon adhesive base coat. I'm not sure if whitening agent by Ноготок (Nogotok) really helps to make my nails whiter, but it's good as a base coat :). And also I use Ноготок (Nogotok) top coat.

Avon quick dry nail spray; Avon quick dry drops; Oriflame quick dry drops
Sometimes I use quick dries. I use quick dry nail spray and drops by Avon and also quick dry drops by Oriflame. Both Avon products are on oil base. I don't like the spray because when I'm using it, the spray goes not only on my nails, but also everywhere around. The quick dry drops by Oriflame're not oily. After I put a drop of it on my nail, it gets absorbed instantly, and that's why I like it. All this three quick dries help nail polish to dry a little bit more quickly.

Ноготок (Nogotok) nail polish remover with camomile extract from the Classic Collection
And of course I use a nail polish remover :). It's already been a long time since I'm using Ноготок (Nogotok) nail polish removers. This one, that I'm using now is 50 ml and it's with camomile extract from the Classic Collection, but usually I buy 100 ml ones. I prefer Ноготок (Nogotok) nail polish removers with acetone. In their Classic Collection there're also a pink nail polish remover, which is with rose extract, a blue nail polish remover (with seaweed extract) and a green one (with tea tree extract).

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