Avon - Golden Twilight

Good afternoon ladies!
Today I want to show you Avon Golden Twilight nail polish. It was released near a year ago and discontinued after a few months (in Ukraine, but I know that it in the USA it was released 2 years ago :) ).
Golden Twilight is an ink polish that looks almost black with gold shimmer. Shimmer is very visible in the bottle and a bit less visible on the nails. But still it looks rather nice.
Golden Twilight applied good and dried fast. I used 2 coats, no top coat.
I think it's a good nail polish to wear in this last autumn days. What do you think?

Sunlight. Without flash.

Daylight, overcast. Without flash.

Daylight, overcast. Without flash.


  1. I have this color also.. I think is a pretty color for thi season!!

  2. love it, great color~ I need to get some Avon stuff

  3. тоже такой хочу))))))))))))

  4. Yamiicruz, Polish AMOR, thank you ladies!

    Laila890h, он снят с производства :(


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