Maybelline - Urban Turquoise

Maybelline Mini Colorama Urban Turquoise is a nice turquoise creme nail polish. Application was ok. I added 2 coats, but I think this polish can be opaque in a one thick coat.
I'm sorry for that bubble on my ring finger. Drying time was normal, but probably I was in a hurry :">.
No top coat.
Wish everyone a good week!

Daylight, overcast. Without flash.
Pale sunlight. Without flash.
Daylight, in the shadow. Without flash.

8 комментариев:

  1. как то очень молодежно))))) для тинейджеров ха хаха :)))))

  2. I have it, but I haven't try it yet. It looks beautiful on you.

  3. I skipped this one and now I kind of regret it, it's a great color

  4. What a nice color! It's the kind of shade that it would be impossible to capture with my camera, so congratulations also for your skills as a photographer! :)


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