My Dreams Came True (:

Not all, of course, but couple did :). My aunt sent me for Christmas this Kiko's from Italy. All from my wishlist <3.

#338 (Lavanda Chiaro), #344 (Verde Nebbia Marina), #266 (Blu Oltremare), #336 (Blu Elettrico), #270 (Paillettes Acqua Sparkle T.), #231 (Multicolour Paillettes Sparkle T.)

A few days ago I received a small present from my friend (thank you, Lena! :-*  ). She gave me this stamping set. She knew that I wanted stamping set for a long time, but couldn't find it in my town. I could order Konad stamping set online, but it was really expensive and I hoped to find a cheaper one (Essence, for example :) ). So, my friend found some no name stamping set (I didn't find any name on it) and gave it to me. She also told me where I can go to buy more plates for it :). But she said that this stamping set was very cheap and she's not sure if it will work... And I can say that I've already tried it a little bit and I think it's working :). I also discovered that this m21 plate that I've got looks very similar to Konad's m21 plate, but has small differences.

Let your nail polish dreams come true as soon as possible! :)


  1. Great picks! Even if I have 14 or 15 polishes by Kiko, I don't have those one. Can't wait to see your swatches! :)

  2. oh all blue and sparkly, I love it :)

  3. Love those Kikos, they are really beautiful colors

  4. Kiko polishes. <3 I want some of those too. I have two already and I think, they're great.

  5. What a great gift :) cute stamp too

  6. Sandra, thanks! :)

    Cristina - PeeBeforePolish, unfortunatly I'll be doing swatches of this polishes only in a few months (it's because of my photocamera, it doesn't want to make good swatches in these grey winter days :( ).

    Lendoxia, me too :).

    hermetic, thank you!

    Taya, I also think KIKO's polishes're great, even if I had try only one their polish before this ones :).

    Polish AMOR, thank you! :)

  7. Great gifts! #338 will be tricky to picture, for what I recall!
    Enjoy your new polishes and plate!!

  8. не за что)) рада что тебе понравилось))
    жду фото с штампом)))))))))
    Кіко-цвета супер!!!!!!!!!


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