Some Layering With SoFine Special effects #212

Last week when I was showing SoFine Special effects #212, KarenD from Frazzle and Aniploish wrote that she'd love to see this nail polish layered over a green or blue. And I thought that it would be interesting to try :).
So I catched a sunny day (this was really hard :) ) and here it is.
First I applied:
- on the index finger 1 coat of Essence Trendsetter (I haven't show this nail polish on my blog yet, but I think you know how it looks like, it's a dark green creme);
- on the middle 1 coat of Maybelline Urban Turquoise;
- on the ring 1 coat of DB cosmetic #648 (when I was making swatches of this nail polish I didn't turn the macro on, I'm sorry for the blurry photos :"> );
- on the pinkie 3 coats of Avon Blue Shock.
Then I layered 1 coat of SoFine Special effects #212 on each finger. No top coat.

I hope that you can see the differences on the last two photos. I was trying to capture the blue side of SoFine Special effects #212.

Pale sunlight. Without flash.

Pale sunlight. Without flash.

Pale sunlight. Without flash.

Pale sunlight. Without flash.


  1. Replies
    1. I wouldn't call this a manicure, it's just an experiment :). But thank you! :)

  2. it looks really amazing on your pointer! nice polish :)

    1. I also like how it looks over Trendsetter, thank you! :)


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