Latest Haul

Here is my latest haul :). I'll start from Essence. In march Ballerina Backstage TE finally arrived here (yeah, more then in a half of the year later than in other countries :D  ). I found a full display, but I've bought only Grand-Plie In Black. By the way, there were also available nail polishes from the Blossoms etc... and even from Crazy About Color TE :D. Also I've bought Midnight Rocker from the Multi Dimension line, Just Rock It, Blue AddictedLime Up from the Colour & Go line and a quick dry topcoat.
Among other nail polishes I've bought my first scented nail polish Optim Perfume #04 (citrus), China Glaze Tease, Orly Star Spangled, Maybelline (Mini Colorama) Party Blue аnd some sparkly glitter Jovial Luxe #003.
Have a wonderful weekend! :)

Optim Perfume #04; China Glaze - Tease; Orly - Star Spangled; Essence: Midnight Rocker, Just Rock It; Jovial Luxe #003

Maybelline - Party Blue; Essence: Blue Addicted, Grand-Plie In Black, Lime Up, quick dry topcoat


  1. orly and jovial luxe *.*
    great haul :-D

  2. Nice! I really want to try Essence, I've heard they're awesome :)

  3. Very nice haul, I see more colors I wish were mine ;)

  4. can't wait to see Orly swatch :)

  5. love your blog! I just tagged you for a blog award.Check my post for more info.


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