My Avon Nail Polish Collection

In my previous post I showed the last Avon nail polish that I own and since I'm not planning to buy their nail polishes in the nearest future (except if they'll have some really interesting shades :) ), so I decided to put all my Avon nail polishes together and to make a combine post with links to all of the swatches.
A small note: some of the nail polishes are already discontinued.

Ok, here we go, from left to right on the first photo: GunmetalWicked, Golden Twilight, Deluxe Chocolate.

Gunmetal, Wicked, Golden Twilight, Deluxe Chocolate

Second photo, purple and blues: Violetta, Twilight Blue, Splendid Blue, Blue Shock.

Violetta, Twilight Blue, Splendid Blue, Blue Shock

Next photo, reds: Cherry Jubilee, Golden Wine, Real Red, Ruby Slippers.

Cherry Jubilee, Golden Wine, Real Red, Ruby Slippers

And the last photo: Sateen, Pink Radiance (I'm sorry for blurry photos of this one, it was actually one of my first swatches and I didn't turn the macro on :( ), Viva Pink, Sunshine.

Sateen, Pink Radiance, Viva Pink, Sunshine

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  1. I especially like the purple and blue photo, but you have a lot of nice colors :)

  2. Wow very nice collection, I used to own several avon polishes long ago, I need to get some, these are pretty

  3. This is really nice collection. I don't have any Avon nail polish.

  4. Great collection!! That Golden Twilight color is really speaking to me!

  5. I like your collection!! I don't have any Avon nail polish. I need to try them out.

  6. Great polishes, I only own Splendid Blue and I might get some more, they are so pretty! =)

  7. That's a nice color selection, I especially like those in the first pic. From Avon I only have green ones and coral reef, not really impressed with their quality, but now after seeing them all together here, I realize they do have some very fine colors

    1. Thank you! As for me, I didn't have much troubles with their quality (probably, except Sunshine. And also I don't like the longevity of their nail polishes from the Speed Dry+ line).


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