EURO 2012 Ukraine

As you know (at least European girls may know :) ) now it's time for football Championship of Europe.
Of course, I support my national team and today Ukraine will play it's first game in the tournament. That's why I decided to make Ukrainian flag inspired manicure.
What first came to my mind was a tape mani. In RL the stripes on the flag are horisontal, but on my nails I wanted to make them diagonal :).
I know that I did a lot mistakes while doing this manicure and I even was ashamed to show it to you... But I'm still showing :D.
First I wanted to paint my nails with yellow nail polish, let it dry, then with the help of a scotch tape to paint half of the nail in a blue color. But I realized that I own only one yellow nail polish - Avon Sunshine which is kinda streaky and have a slow drying time. So I decided to paint my nails with a blue first (I used KIKO #385) and to apply Sunshine over it. And here comes the mistake. Even if drying time of KIKO #385 was quick, I didn't wait enough before applying a scotch tape. So when I pulled a scotch tape away, it smudged KIKO a bit. Plus to cover blue polish with yellow I needed 3 coats of Avon Sunshine. And here comes another mistake. I didn't wait enough before removing a scotch tape and that's why the lines between the colors aren't really straight :">.
At the end I added a layer of top coat.
This was my second attempt at doing a tape mani (the first one was pretty much the same - diagonal lines, but I used black and white colors. By the way, that mani was also football inspired :) ). But I have to say that my first attempt turned much better (unfortunately, I don't have photos to show you). Maybe I had more patience that time :).
I'm not satisfied with the final result, but I hope this mani looks at least patriotic :).
I wanted to make photo with some symbol of the EURO (by the way this EURO 2012 is hosted in Ukraine together with Poland :) ). But I had only a glass with the EURO 2012 logo, that I've won at coca-cola's promo. I hope, that you can see the logo on the glass :).

P.S. Some time ago I won Maria's contest (Maria's blog - Marias Nail Art and Polish Blog) and today I received the prize :). Maria let me choose the polish from the list and I choosed China Glaze Rich And Famous.
Maria was so kind and also included some rhinestones, tip guides for french manis and cute toe separators into the package :).
Thank you, dear Maria, one more time! :)


  1. OH YES do we know about the football Championship of Europe LOL - my husband loves it - and I hate it. But I really love your patriotic mani :)
    And I'm so happy everything made it safe from me to you - and thank you for your email telling me it arrived :)

  2. I really like your patriotic nails, and I can't see the mistakes you're mentioning :)
    Nice prize, it's so nice to receive a little something in the mail, isn't it :)

    1. Thank you! :)
      You're right, it's always such a pleasure to get a little nail mail :).

  3. i'm just watching the game, it's half-time ;-D
    ukraine looks good, i'm waiting for goals, hope there will be some by the end :-D
    and the mani is good, don't worry, next time will be perfect ;-D
    nice polish you've choose :-D
    p.s. i love, love, love championship, it's time for football and tv and i'm watching all the games...

    1. Ukraine won, yay! :)
      Thank you very much! :)
      P.S. Me too :).

  4. I haven't got enough patience to wait till the nail polish dries completely, then to put the tape on, then to put another nail polish... too much time waisted and I mess up everything!
    I tried this kind of manicure (I call it "diagonal manicure") with two and three colours and I did it free-hand, I was completely satisfied.
    At the end your manicure looks good, but I think you should try free-hand too, maybe it will work out also for you... :-)
    This manicure is really patriotic, it seems that it brought luck to your national team tonight, they won! So, whenever they play, if you want them to win you will have to make some patriotic yellow-blue manicure! Get ready for the next match and next yellow-blue manicure :-)

    1. Thank you! Maybe you're right and I should try some free-hand too. But then I need to buy some nail polishes with thin brushes :).

  5. Really cool, I'm watching the europeans these days must do a flag too!!!

  6. We call it soccer over here in the USA. Love the sport played it from 4 years old till I was 20 years old. It runs in my blood!

    Love these colors...looks amazing on you! : )

    1. I also can't live without sport :). Thank you!

  7. Go Ukraina! Your nails are great! ;D

  8. yes I'm watching Euro 2012 I'm going to make a related manicure one day but I still haven't. I like your mani :)


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