Go Ukraine! (:

My today's manicure is dedicated to Ukrainian national football team, that will play against England today. To qualify to the quarter-final Ukraine needs only to win today.
So here is another yellow/blue manicure to show you :).
This time I decided to make my first gradient. Nail polishes I used: Maybelline Party Blue and Avon Sunshine.
I'm not quite satisfied with the result. In the middle of each nail, where the colors mixed, the yellow/blue combination turned into green (I knew this might happen, but hoped that it will not :D ). Also maybe it's the fault of the polishes or it's all my fault (I had to sponge 3 times for opacity), but my gradient turned out too gritty. A layer of top coat didn't make it smooth enough.
Anyway, here're the photos :).

And here are a few photos that was made last weekend when I went to my country house. On the first photo you can see how does my town looks from the balcony of my country house. And a sunset on the second photo :).

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  1. A very sweet pastel mani, I love it - I'm totally in pastel mood today LOL

  2. I hope they win.. its a gorgeous mani and I love the extra pictures :)

  3. I think it looks really cool with the green in the middle, even though I know that it's not what you were after in the first place.
    Good luck with the match! :)

  4. very pretty gradient! and what a beautiful view!

    1. Thanks! Unfortunately my gradient didn't help my team to win :/.

  5. Maybe the blue didn't dry enough and then when you added yellow they mixed into green? But, I like the effect, although maybe you didn't want it to look like that :-) Yes, unfortunately this manicure didn't help your team to win, but you proved to be a real supporter of your team! :-)
    P.S. I don't have many luck with gradients, I tried 2 times, I wasn't happy with the result and I didn't publish the manicures... Maybe next time... :-)

    1. I sponged both colors at once (I drew yellow and blue lines on plastic and then take them both on my sponge). Yes, this was a mistake :).
      Thank you for such a kind words! :)
      P.S. Hope to see your gradient sometime ;).


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