KKCenterHK Nail Decorations Review (BLUESEA - RL02)

I've never tried any kind of nail decorations before. And to be honest, when I received from the KKCenterHK decorations with this design (BLUESEA - RL02) I didn't have an idea how to include them to the manicure :). After a long time thinking, I decided to do this:
As an accent nail I choosed my index and paint it with the black nail polish. On the other nails I applied Avon Pink Radiance. Then I stamped white stars from the KKCenterHK plate SPPMB34 (this plate I showed here) on my index. To cover whole nail I stamped twice.
Now to the nail decorations. They came in the packaging with the usage instruction on the back side. There're 9 decorations in the package.
Instead of glue I applied a small drop of top coat on the middle of my index nail, put the decoration there and press it to the nail. Also I added a layer of top coat on the top.
I think this nail decorations can be tricky to apply on the curvy nails, but they can be good for pedicures, for sure.

*Some of the product(s) in this post was(were) sent me for review. For more information read my Disclosure Policy.

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  1. I think you chose a great way to use them, they do look kind of thick, so I can imagine how placing them on curved nails would be problematic.

  2. I agree with Maria - you used them really well.
    That pink Avon is gorgeous. I wouldn't mind if it wanted to come live with me! :D

  3. Ответы
    1. I also haven't seen nail decorations like this before :)

  4. As a product it looks interesting, but when I saw it on your nail I immediately knew that this is not a product for me, I think during my work I would loose it in 10 minutes! :-) Yes, it could be problematic putting it on curved nails!

    1. You're right, 3D nail decorations can be difficult to wear in the everyday life :).

  5. in my opinion, this is too big to be used in a manicure, but you manage it quite clever :-D

  6. I never seen this before. I don't think i would wear them but I like the way you apply it.


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