Pink & Turquoise Half Moon

This is my first half moon and I must say that I need more patience and practice :).
As a base color I used Avon Viva Pink. To create a half moon I used french tip guides and Maybelline Urban Turquoise. But I didn't wait enough before removing tip guids, so the lines on my half moons turned fuzzy :">.
I finished the manicure with a layer of top coat.
This mani looked better from a distance :D.

20 комментариев:

  1. I think this looks great, especially for your first time! The colours go together really well too!

  2. That bold pink is gorgeous for this half moon mani - great combination!

  3. for your first half moon mani i must say that it looks pretty awesome! the first time I did one I totally sucked at it! Great color combo too :)

  4. Turquise and pink look gorgeous together.

  5. Very well done. I like the colours you choose for the manicure :)

  6. I've never done any half moon manicure, but I surely will try! :-) Your combination of colours is really "summery", I love it! :-)


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