Happy Birthday Ukraine!

My country turns 21 today, so it's time for a patriotic mani :).
This is my first water marble and to be honest I was afraid to try it for a long time. But in fact it was nothing to be afraid of :).
I'm only disappointed that I've choosed a pastel blue shade (Maybelline Party Blue). I think that with darker blue this water marble would look much better. The yellow is Avon Sunshine.
On my index finger colors have mixed too much and the blue shade turned into green :).
I think it's not too bad as for my first water marble :). What do you think?


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  1. It's very meaningful manicure :)
    First time? You did water marble very well, I like so much :)

  2. Ooh, you water marbled! I'm impressed!
    Happy birthday to Ukraine! :)

  3. This is a super good first water marble, so well done - and OHMG isn't it longer since than 21 years ago - happy birthday to Ukraine :)

    1. Thank you! Ukraine have got its independence only 21 year ago :)

  4. your first watermarble? great job, indeed :-D
    happy birthday to ukraine :-D

  5. water marble? looks really good I never had a successful attempt at it

  6. Amazing water marble!! The color combo is great =)

  7. I think it looks fantastic especially for your first time, your pointer finger looks the best so awesome!

  8. Ответы
    1. Thank you! :) This manicure was made so long time ago :)


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