Sunday Haul

I bet you agree that shopping is one of the best ways to cheer up in a crappy grey November day :).
Today I've bought some nail polishes (from left to right on the photo):
Golden Rose Paris #110
Golden Rose Paris Magic Color #309 and #335
Golden Rose Selective Morning Rose
Golden Rose Rich Color #29
Essence Forget-Me-Not (from the Blossoms etc... TE)
Ados #549

Except nail polishes I've bought cinnamon and sweet orange fragrance oils for fragrance lamp. I looove nice scents.
November affects me so much that I've already watched Pretty Woman, Two Weeks Notice and I'm not gonna stop on these two movies :D.
Also in this time of the year I'm a bit addicted to cooking. Today I've made my first brownies :).

And here is the song that I'm loving at the moment :)

Thank you for reading! <3

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  1. Great haul - that definitely should make some of the grey go away! :)
    I really like the look of that purple Golden Rose!

  2. Today I bought nail polishes too :D
    I love brownies and I want to eat a piece right now :D

    1. Sunday is a great day for shopping ;).
      This were my first brownies and now I can say that I love them too :)

  3. All nail polishes look good. Hope to see them on your nails soon :)

  4. Great haul. I wish we would have Golden Rose polishes here.

  5. What a lot of nice new polishes - and you got a Forget-Me-Not - I LOOOOVE it, I was lucky to get it from a friend, that didn't like it :)

  6. nom nom now I want to eat something chocolatey :sigh:

  7. Love to see the swatches and hear what you think of the golden rose polishes!

  8. Great buys! that 110 is one of my fav taupe shades, and Peridot dupe looks awesome. I never saw those big round OPI-like bottles from GR, I wonder how's their quality? oh, and I'm also addicted to baking, when I have the time

    1. Thank you! I guess Selective is a new Golden Rose line. The bottle is not rounded, it's triangle-like :)

  9. I agree, shopping and buying new nail polishes is awesome way to bright your day! I wait for the swatches, you bought yourself beautiful things! :-)


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