Essence - Just Rock It!

I still have a few unpublished "summer" swatches and today I'm gonna show you one of them :).
Essence Just Rock It! (from the Colour & Go line) is a blue creme nail polish.
It was a bit thick, but manageable. On my photos I was wearing 2 coats and a layer of top coat (the polish was also glossy without it). Drying time was regular.
In my next post I'll show what beauty I was wearing over it :).
Thanks for reading! :)

Sunlight. Without flash.

Sunlight. Without flash.

Daylight, in the shadow. Without flash.

26 комментариев:

  1. lovely color, now i wonder what did you do with it ;)

  2. It has a beautiful colour and a beautiful shine! :-)

  3. It's a lovely blue. I can't wait to see what you chose to put over it :)


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