Avon - Serene

Hi girls!
I broke one nail on the swatching hand so I had to shorten them all (bad, bad table! :) ).
Anyway today I want to show you a turquoise creme nail polish called Serene by Avon. Depending on the lighting conditions it can look more mint. Also Serene looks greener in the bottle than on the nails.
Application and drying time were fine. I used 2 coats, no top coat.

Pale sunlight. Without flash.

Sunlight. Without flash.

Daylight, overcast. Without flash.

Daylight, in the shadow. Without flash.

I just can't resist and want to share a few photos made last weekend when I spent time with my friends (actually these photos were made by one of my friends :) ).
This is one of the bridges in my town.

And wonderful peachy and cherry tree blossoms... I <3 april :).

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  1. That color is gorgeous! I think your nails look great at this length too :)

  2. That Avon colour is beautiful. I was going to buy this but got the beige one instead. That bridge photograph is amazing!

  3. Looks great on you :)
    Cherry blossoms are so pretty and I like cherries too :D

  4. Nail polish looks beautiful,and I think your nails look beautiful too :)

  5. Great shade of mint, and I especially like that photo of the brigde - it's impressive!

  6. Lovely photos - and lovely swatches of a gorgeous polish!

  7. This polish is so pretty. I love your photos, Spring is my fav season. :)

  8. I'm pretty impressed with the quality of Avon's polishes! :)
    I love your pics! :)

  9. Nice mint polish. :) Your pictures left me breathless! <3

  10. This polish look gorgeous!
    I've never tried any Avon. I thnk I should :D

  11. Красивый маникюр! Идеальное нанесение! И цветущие деревья очень красивы!

  12. gorgeous, this polish looks better on your nails then in the bottle :D
    lovely pics :D

  13. Beautiful green! I'm happy with all my Avon polishes, maybe I should go and get also this one! :-)

  14. what a beautiful shade

    and I love the shape of your nails now :)

  15. I have something very similar I love this color :) And nice pics :)

  16. In the bottle looks more mint but on the nails looks more blue. Great shade :)

    1. Yes, it really looks more blue on the nails than in the bottle. Thank you! :)

  17. For some time now, I've wanted to own every mint polish I see. :)


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