Swallows From KKCenterHK

Hi girls!
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Today I want to show you one of my recent manicures which I did using nail patch that I got from KKCenterHK. I picked nail patch with swallow design because I love these birds :).
I've never tried nail patch before, but application wasn't very difficult.
Not sure why, but after I took the photos I decided to apply a top coat and my manicure became looking "less metallic".
On the third day of wear I got bored (by the way there were only some tip wear) and just peeled off the stickers. My nails were not damaged in any way, but there were some glue left on them. I tried to remove the glue with nail polish remover and my nails were clean after just a few seconds :).

The nail patch sells for 5,84 $. And if you're buying something on the KKCenterHK you can use code ZEBRA-NAILS for 10% off from your order (until the 31-st of January 2014).

Have a great weekend! :)

*Some of the product(s) in this post was(were) sent me for review. For more information read my Disclosure Policy.

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  1. I never dare to try wraps like this - I'm convinced a thin layer of nail will be removed LOL

    1. I haven't noticed damage on my nails after using these wraps :)

  2. This is very, very interesting. I have lots of that birds in my yard :)

  3. They look really cool!! I've never tried wraps either, but that's mostly because I like changing my manis more often :)

  4. What a cool pattern ! It looks pretty on you :)

  5. These nail patches look really good, nice design too :)

  6. I'm afraid of nail wraps, I'm sure I'll do a mess :D
    These ones are so lovely, though *__*


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