M.A.G #089 & Liebster Blog Award

Hi girls!
As you could read on my Facebook page I had a problem with my computer this week. Finally the problem is solved and now I can show you an awesome orange neon M.A.G #089.
This nail polish applies good and dries quickly. I applied 2 coats over white creme polish.
Unlike many other neons this one has a glossy finish so I didn't add a top coat.

What is your favourite neon nail polish? :)

Sunlight. Without flash.

Sunlight. Without flash.

Daylight, in the shadow. Without flash.

Elena from POLISH MADNESS tagged me with the Liebster Blog Award a few weeks ago. Thank you so much, Elena! :)
I already had this award, but now I want to answer Elena's questions to me. The questions were in Russian so I translated them and you can read English version below the Russian.

1. Если бы вы могли изменить что-то одно в себе, что бы это было? Я бы хотела лучше распоряжаться своим свободным временем.
2. Планируете ли вы свою жизнь? И на сколько далеко, если "да"? Жизнь штука непредсказуемая :).
3. Есть ли у вас косметические средства, которые вы покупаете уже несколько лет не изменяя им? Какие? Так как мой блог "лаковый", то первое что приходит на ум это средство для снятия лака Ноготок (я предпочитаю с ацетоном).
4. Ваше любимое время года? Лето! Но и весну я тоже люблю.
5. Кем вы мечтали стать в детстве? Пловчихой :).
6. Ваша профессия сейчас? По профессии я тренер, а работаю менеджером по административной деятельности. 
7. Идеальный отпуск для вас? Какой он? Море и пляж.
8. Что подтолкнуло вас начать свой блог? Думаю, как и всех остальных - любовь к лакам :).
9. Публикуетесь ли вы на других ресурсах? Не публикуюсь.
10. Как вы считаете вести свой блог это труд или развлечение? Это труд, который приносит удовольствие.
11. Ваше пожелание начинающим блогерам. Я желаю, чтобы блоггерство вам тоже приносило удовольствие! :)

1. If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be? I'd love to be better with my free time. 
2. Do you plan your life? If yes, how far? Life is unpredictable :). 
3. Do you have any cosmetic must-have products? If yes, what are they? As my blog is nail polish-related, the first product that crosses my mind is Ноготок (Nogotok) nail polish remover (I prefer with acetone). 
4. What is your favourite season? Summer! But I love spring too. 
5. What did you want to be when you were a child? I wanted to be a swimmer :). 
6. What's your occupation now? I'm a coach, but I work as an administrative manager. 
7. What is the perfect vacation for you? Seaside. 
8. What pushed you to start your own blog? I think I had the same reason as all of us - love for nail polish :).
9. Do you publish your posts on the other sites? Nope. 
10. Do you think blogging is a work or a pleasure? It is a work that brings you pleasure. 
11. Your wishes to beginner bloggers. I wish blogging will bring pleasure to you too! :)


  1. какой безумно яркий красавец!!

  2. It's too strong for me, but it looks good on your nails and yes, it is very glossy! Perfect for the summer! :-)

  3. Wow that orange is amazing!

  4. It is super fun and sizzling hot - love it for once a while :)

    1. A sizzling hot is the best description for this polish :). Thank you, Maria!

  5. I love it Irina, it's so beautiful and glossy.
    Looks great on you :)
    My favourite neon is China Glaze - Orange Knockout. I think these two are similar :)

  6. It's nice to have you back - and it's such a great polish to return with! <3

  7. Congrats on the nomination :-)

  8. The color just pops off the screen, awesome! It's gorgeous!

  9. wow this one is really in your face shade I love it :D

  10. Nice answers and great polish! :) My favorite neon polish is China Glaze Sun of a peach. <3

    1. Thank you so much! Sun Of A Peach is a gorgeous nail polish :)

  11. This orange is stunning!
    IDK which is my favourite neon polish, maybe the one I don't own yet XD

  12. wow, love this orange neon :)

  13. Very beautful color! Nice swatch :-)


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