Nail Mail From Serbia!

This week I received a super awesome parcel from Jelena from Serbia. We agreed to make a swap in the beginning of autumn, but due to some circumstances we managed to do it only now :).
It's funny that we both sent the parcels on the same day and received them together too, even though Jelena sent her parcel by plane :).

These nail polishes were on my wishlist: China Glaze Ruby Pumps and Thunderbird, Zoya Storm and Aurora, Essie Smokin Hot and Lapiz Of Luxury.

Jelena also sent me some extra nail polishes: Flormar #438 and #425, Essence Just Can't Get Enough and OPI Vesper (mini), chocolate and coffee sticks :).
Thank you very much, Jelena! I hope you like your new polishes as much as I like mine :).

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  1. China Glaze Ruby Pumps and Thunderbird are the best red ever! I love them, even if my favourite one is Thunderbird.

  2. Oh my, I know it's nail polish blog and I like all bottles you got but...wow! Choco banana? That's the best flavour mix ever;)

  3. Great package! This Zoya polishes look so pretty!

  4. I want to have storm and aurora.... :D But I have to stop buying nail polish :P

  5. Awesome nail mail! Zoya Storm and Aurora are both amazing!!

  6. The zoya ones look so nice. Can't wait for swatches :)

    1. Thank you! The amount of unswatched nail polishes starts to terrify me :D

  7. This looks like a great swap -- the two Zoyas look exciting!

  8. Great haul! Those Zoya nail polishes look particularly beautiful! :-)

  9. Im so glad that u like every nail polish :) Im still w8 sun here, to take picture of all beauty bottles u send me, but still no yellow circle on sky. I think I will have to take pic in room. But, still every nail polish is waiting his post :) Hope we will swap angain.


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