November Haul

In November I bought my first Maybelline Polca Dots nail polishes. I picked #198 (a blue one) and #197 (glitter in a clear base). In the shop I've seen also Maybelline nail polishes from the Vintage Leather collection, but I didn't buy any because I wanted to check the swatches first :).
I bought Golden Rose sparkly orange textured nail polish Holiday #53 and fuzzy glitter Impression #13.
El Corazon nail polishes I got for review purposes from Scarlet-Ukraine. I got two art top coats: Spark and Holography-Spark (these bottles contain 75 ml!); Magic Oriental Night, Mint Ice Cream & Chocolate and Trendy Jeans (I already showed it to you here).
Nail art brushes, nail water deals and studs I got for review from KKCenterHK.
I also bought Eveline cuticle remover (which I love!), but I forget to include it in the photo :).

3 ml of nail polish vs 75 ml :)

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  1. Omg, these are huuuge nail polish bottles. I wonder, if anyone will ever finished them. :)
    Anyway, I love your purchase and I can't wait to see them all on your beautiful nails. :)

  2. Yay for 75ml polishes - that's so cool - lovely haul polishes :)

  3. omg, just look at size of that bottle... it's gonna last you for ever... or shorter ;)

  4. I will dream about the giant bottle of holo top coat :D

  5. Ответы
    1. Thank you! The biggest bottles that I owned before these ones were only 18 ml :D

  6. That's a cool haul. I love those biiiig bottles!! :)

  7. Great haul, I bought Golden Rose Holiday #53 too :)

  8. I'm looking forward to seeing the orange Golden Rose polish! Wow... that is a HUGE bottle.


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