December Haul

Finally I can show you my December haul :).
As usual, first here is a group photo (I didn't include in this photo nail polishes that I got in a swap with Jelena because I already showed them to you here).

In December I won giveaway on Taya's blog and except the actual prize (Essence textured nail polishes) Taya send me a lot of awesome extra polishes :). Thank you very much! :-*
Here is what I received:
Essence - Here's My Number
Essence - Me & My Lover
Essence - Hey, Nude!
Models Own pink nail art pen
Depend Holographic #2027
Depend #308
OPI - Unfor-greta-bly Blue (mini)
OPI - Suzi And The 7 Dusseldorfs (mini)
? (I don't know how this nail polish is called, let's call it a lovely berry polish :) ) update: this nail polish is from Vollare

On the photo below you can see my Brocard haul. If you follow me on Facebook you might read about my "adventures" in this shop :).
So here's what I bought:
Anny - For Women Only
Anny - The Answer Is Love
Collistar - Geranio Briosa
Mavala - Cyclades Blue
and some nail files.

And the last, but not least, here is what I received as a gift on holidays from my aunt: Chanel Vertigo and Particuliere and Juventus teddy bear <3.

Thank you for looking! :)


  1. I think the polish with no name is from Vollare, I also have few of them, but none has the brand or the name on it.
    Lovely haul. :)

  2. Nice hauling! Love the bear posing with the Chanel--so cute.

    1. Thank you! The bear wears the kit of my favourite football team :)

  3. Oh wow, that's such a cool haul. I can't wait to see Anny - The Answer Is Love on! :)

  4. отличные лакообновки!!

  5. Yay, what a lot of pretty polishes - and that Juventus Teddy is darn cute :)

  6. cool polishes, but the teddy is true star of this post ;)

  7. great polishes, i cant wait to see some swatches, the Juventus teddy is adorable.

  8. Nice haul! Cute teddy, my husband supports Juve!

  9. Вкуснятина!) с обновками!

  10. nice nail polish !i will wait for picture of red collistar

  11. Great haul... and about the teddy bear: he is wearing the wrong coloured football kit.. :-) Forza Napoli! :-)

    1. No, no, no.. he wears the right colors ;P. Forza Juve! :)
      Thank you! ;)

  12. Never tried Channel polishes. Nice colours :)

  13. Nice :D A little bit of everything :)


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