El Corazon - Holography-Spark (over Eveline MiniMAX #811)

I planned to write this post about beautiful El Corazon nail polish last week, but I didn't feel like blogging. And if you watch TV and heard the news about Ukraine you can understand why...
Yes, my blog is about nail polishes, not politics, but who cares about nail polish when the snipers are killing guiltless unarmed people in the center of your capital?


I have no words to describe what I feel and what I think (especially in English), so you better watch this video, but I warn you it contains violent scenes!

Heroes never die...

* * *
I don't feel comfortable talking about nails in this post, but anyway here's another huge (75 ml!) bottle of El Corazon Art Top Coat. It's called Holography - Spark and it is a clear base with holographic shimmer.
It dries quick. For my swatches I applied 1 coat over Eveline MiniMAX #811.
The holographic effect was much more evident in RL and of course for dramatic effect I could use a darker base color, but I didn't want to.

I wish peace to all of you! <3

Sunlight. Without flash.

Sunlight. Without flash.

Sunlight. Without flash.

You can check El Corazon products here:
Russia: http://www.scarlet21vek.ru/, http://www.elcorazon.ru/
Online shops in Russia: http://www.charme-beauty.ru/ishop/brand/236_0, http://www.krasotkapro.ru/catalog/el_corazon_/
Ukraine: http://www.elcorazon.com.ua/ - online shop ("make an order" button).

*Some of the product(s) in this post was(were) sent me for review. For more information read my Disclosure Policy.


  1. i am with you ! i am am sorry when people suffer and die for any :-( shame for politicans

  2. I am so sorry to hear about the situation in Ukraine. Please stay safe! <3

  3. We are following the situation in the news - and I see why you didn't feel much like blogging, it must have been scary...
    This is a very, very beautiful top coat - and it really shows well even on a fairly light color like this!

  4. It's totally understandable that you don't feel like going on about nails now. Don't worry about that. The situation in your country is really bad now, we see it in the media every single day and sometimes it's so hard to believe, that things like that are happening. I really hope it will get better as soon as possible, that it will be over and the horrible things won't take place any more. Thinking of you and your country, lot's of strength to Ukrainian people!

  5. Beautiful top coat
    I also hear your country situation in the news very sad =(

  6. очень красивый маникюр)

  7. our news are full of pictures of ukraine, it's really horror... can't understand this kind of things, who can order someone to shoot at his own people??? my heart is with you and all your countrymen :*

  8. There was this kind of situation in Poland some time ago... :/
    I'm surprised about mililitres in the bottle. It's a nice subtle top coat.

  9. I can understand your feelings about the situation very well. We had almost the same things last year :(

  10. That bottle is so huge, it is amazing! And the holo is really pretty! But it's awful to hear that kind of stuff is going on, I'm sorry. :/

  11. I hope everything's gonna get better soon. I have no words either...

    BTW this top coat looks quite interesting, a very subtle and nice holo effect!

  12. Really horrible what is happening.... I sympathise with you!! Pretty nails girl, keep your head up :-)

  13. It's so horrible what is happening in your country :( I hope everything will be resolved as soon as possible and with least amount of victims :(

    1. Thank you! I hope there will not be any victims anymore

  14. Never have I understood how some people can do such horrible things. How can anybody kill another human being? :(
    I sympathise with you and I really hope everything will get better as soon as possible.

    P.S. The polish is great and its quantity is amazing. I have never seen a 75 ml bottle of nail polish. :)

  15. I'm very sorry about the situation in your country, I sympathise with you and I hope that the situation will get better soon!
    This is the biggest bottle of nail polish that I've seen in my life! :-)

  16. Love the tiny shimmer on this :)


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