Flormar - Holographic Silver

Flormar Holographic Silver (#392) is a silver holo glitter in a clear base.
This nail polish is super sparkly and super beautiful! <3
Application and drying time were ok.
For my manicure I used 3 coats without top coat.

Sunlight. Without flash.

Sunlight. Without flash.
 Blurry photo shows the sparkle a bit better :).

Sunlight. Without flash.

In the previous post I wrote that I was excited about the Champions League final where Juventus had to play against Barcelona... Well, Juve didn't win. But still this season was amazing, Juventus won the Championship and the Cup :).
Hope you have a nice Sunday! :)

Juventus the winner of the Italian Cup 2014/15 (source)

Juventus the Champion of Italy 2014/15 (source)

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  1. I had this Flormar, it's very pretty and sparkly :)

  2. So stunning! I'll surely check it our in my next visit at a Flormar store :)
    Yay for Juventus!! :D

  3. I have got this one as well and I love it. I've only ever used it as a topper :D

  4. о, Юве - моя большая любоФФ :))
    флормар конечно же прекрасен :)

  5. Gorgeous sparkly holo :-D Love it :-D

    My husband is a big Juve fan, we watched the CL final! :-)

  6. You photographed it so well! I have this Flormar and I love it but I couldn't get nice photos of it!

  7. really pretty, I have it too and I like to use it as a top coat :)

  8. stunner <3
    when i heard who's to play in finale, i thought of you, i was sure you'll spend the evening at home, in front of tv ;)

    1. Thank you very much, Zana! :)
      You were right, I spent the evening in front of TV ;). Only sad that Juve lost... :/

  9. Hi dear, I've seen this beautiful nail polish in the shop when I bouth the flormar polishes I've shown recently in my blog...now you're tempting me..maybe I've to go back to the Flormar shop another time..!!!

  10. Cool glitters! I had a similar nail polish from Essence! Very sparkly! :D :D


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