Summer Haul

Some of nail polishes I bought myself and some I received as presents from my sister and my boyfriend :).

Orly - Sparkling Garbage
Orly - Elation Generation
Essie - On A Silver Platter
YSL - Bleu Majorelle
Essence - Lucky
Zoya - Blaze

China Glaze - Unrefined
China Glaze - Of Coarse!
China Glaze - Howl You Doin'
China Glaze - Rose Among Thorns

Color Club - Tribe And True
Color Club - Blue-Topia
Color Club - Harp On It
Flormar - Golden Orchid (#394)
Flormar Matte M01
Golden Rose Wow! #22

Nogotok Spicy Sugar #01
Nogotok Spicy Sugar #03
Nogotok Spicy Sugar #05
Nogotok Daisy Summer #05

Nogotok Gel Gloss #001
Nogotok Gel Gloss #11 (mini)
Nogotok Gel Gloss #13 (mini)
Nogotok Gel Gloss #15 (mini)
Nogotok Gel Gloss #20 (mini)

Jerden Colour Sugar - Mojito (C32)
M.A.G Basic Collection #033
M.A.G Basic Collection #050
M.A.G New Effect #217
M.A.G New Effect #222

Thanks for looking! :)

44 комментария:

  1. Gorgeous polishes! I think that Nogotok glitter topper with the flower shaped glitter is so cute <3 That's right up my alley!

  2. Wow... If You even get tired of Orly Elation Generation or Zoya Blaze I will gladly give them a new, loving home :p ;)
    I dunno Nogotok brand. They look good.

  3. З поповненням) бачу цікаву Зою))

  4. Wow, that's a lot of polishes! :D Can't wait to see Sparkling Garbage post.

  5. Wow, this has been a very good nail polish month (I'm surprised by the low number of blue bottles :-D)!!!

  6. WoW amazing!!! I love China Glaze and Essence :)

  7. Wow, that's a great haul. I also bought Harp on It this summer :)

  8. It is a wonderful haul - and I love the look of them.
    AND I spotted a cute pastel yellow :D

  9. Green neon! Lovely. I also have Blaze and love it :) Many pretty polishes anyway :)

  10. What an amazing haul! I see so many beauties here, I hope you will have fun playing with them and making new combinations and nail art! xx

  11. Nice haul! :-) I like many of these polishes and I'm most attracted to holo polishes .-)

  12. Сколько ништяков:) поздравляю!

  13. Wow beautiful collection of polishes. I love the Nogotok collection :D

  14. what an awesome bunch *.*
    i still need to get my hands on CG Howl You Doin ;)

  15. Nogotok, never heard of it but very very curious now! Looking forward to your swatches!


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