A-England - Cathy

This is the first A-England nail polish appearance on my blog :).
A-England Cathy is a light greyish lilac nail polish with subtle holographic and blue shimmer. It looks very delicate.
Cathy is a part of the To Emily Bronte Collection.
Application was ok. Drying time was quick.
I used 2 coats without top coat for the photos below.

Sunlight. Without flash.

Sunlight. Without flash.

Daylight, in the shadow. Without flash.

30 комментариев:

  1. Очень красивый лак *_* Такая нежная голография)))

  2. It's a beautiful polish! Very elegant and sophisticated with subtle holo and shimmer to keep it from being too plain on its own :)

  3. love it :D
    i have to admit that cathy reminds me of molly moo, but i wouldn't mind to have them both ;)

  4. i am completely in love with this polish, it's so special


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