China Glaze - Howl You Doin'

China Glaze Howl You Doin' is a dark purple jelly nail polish with purple glitter and irregular shaped orange glitter. It reminds me a bit of Orly Fowl Play, though they are not dupes. I showed you comparison here.
Howl You Doin' was a part of the Monsters Ball Collection.
I didn't have problems with application and drying time.
For my swatches I used 2 coats + top coat.

Sunlight. Without flash.

Daylight, in the shadow. Without flash.

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  1. it's really different from orly fp. and I think I like china glaze more ;) it looks unique and interesting

    1. Thank you! I like FP more because it contains flakies ;)

    2. yeah, but it also have this tiny glitter which I don't quite like there :p

  2. Hi dear Irina, this is a very elegant dark shade! =)

  3. China Glaze does have many nail polishes with an interesting finish and that's one of them!

  4. Beautiful polish! I thought about Fowl Play as soon as I saw the post preview...Luckily you already compared them!


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