Essence - Bubble Gum

Hi girls! :)
I already showed today's manicure on my Instagram and I planned to write this blog post before my trip to Gran Canaria, but I didn't manage to finish it :(...
Anyways, Essence Bubble Gum (The Jelly from The Gel line) is a sheer pink jelly nail polish with a pink subtle shimmer. This nail polish is too sheer to wear it on its own, so I decided to use it for a "pond manicure". I had seen this kind of manicures over the internet and I wanted to try it too :). I don't know who is the original author of this idea.
For my manicure I used 4 coats of Bubble Gum and between them I randomly placed white dots with a help of dotting tool.
I didn't have problems with application and drying time of Bubble Gum.

Sunlight. Without flash.

Sunlight. Without flash.

Daylight, in the shadow. Without flash.


  1. I love such dotty manis in gelly :)

  2. Oh I love this pond mani - looks so beautiful!

    1. Thank you, Maria! I'm glad you like it :)

  3. I bought it lately and I finally have to do this kind of mani. it looks great :)

  4. Very cute! Like this bubblegum color :-)

  5. Love this look! And I'm glad to know that Essence makes these jelly polishes. I honestly don't think it's something I'll use enough to spend actual money on a full size bottle, but this I can get down with :P

  6. This is really cute! I still haven't tried a pond mani yet


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